Did you know that your ears work overtime? Our sense of hearing never turns off. It is on 24/7 for our safety! All of our other senses and our bodies get to rest, but not our hearing. So why do we take this incredible gift of hearing for granted? Why do we neglect to have our hearing checked on a regular basis as part of our overall physical wellness?

Our office is joining a national effort to promote Hearing Wellness. Why? Because it is so important to life. The loss of hearing has been linked to cognitive decline and life function. Put simply, if you can’t hear, you don’t interact socially. And if you don’t interact socially, you begin to lose interest in life and you will likely see cognitive decline.

Why do people go to the eye doctor? To see better. Why go to their family doctor? To feel better. Why go to physical therapy? To move better. But most people who need to hear better put off going to the hearing specialist! Our ears should protest!

Please join us in promoting Hearing Wellness. Tell your family and friends about your experience with hearing better. Suggest to them that they get their hearing checked. It is a matter of life. Quality life. Help us, help them with their Hearing Wellness!