Wax removal systems - such as Audiologist's Choice for occasional use as an aid to soften, loosen and remove excessive earwax.

Amplified telephones

Personal amplifiers

Airflight hearing and pressure protection - Relieves Air Pressure Discomfort with the Exclusive CeramX Filter. Reduces Harsh Noise, Drug Free, Safe, Comfortable, Disposable, Hypoallergenic, and Latex Free Silicone.

Miracell - for itchy and irritated ears

Battery testers - Quickly and Easily Determine if Batteries are Good. Easy to read LCD Display. Work on ALL Hearing Aid Batteries. Also has a Built in battery holder for extra storage.

Hearing aid cleaners 

Hearing Aid dehumidifiers - Removes Damaging Daily Moisture. Prolongs Hearing Aid Life. Improves Sound Quality. Helps Prevent Costly Repairs. Works with ALL Hearing Aids.   

  Rayovac PRO LINE Batteries in sizes:  312  13  10 675.  We also carry all sizes in the POWER   ONE
  Brand (Rayovac Battery Club available)

ETY Plugs:  ER-20 High Fidelity Hearing Protection, Music & Voices are clear, Reusable, Used by musicians & Audio Enthusiasts,      Noise Fatigue is reduced, Unique, patented technology (includes 1 pair of plugs & case)
Dry-Brik II: Captures damaging moisture. Removes odors. Helps dry earwax. Convenient and easy-to-use. Each Dry-Brik lasts 2    months. For use with Dry & Store Global, Dry & Store Professional, and Zephyr by Dry & Store.