"This is my second set of Hearing Aids from Better Hearing. This set is fully programmable and I LOVE IT. Understandably I have had to come back for adjustments; however Linda always listens to my complaints and makes the necessary adjustments to resolve them. It is always a pleasure to go in the office as the staff is friendly and informative. My new hearing aids make music more enjoyable and make conversation with people easier. Life at my house is no longer a bad, “Sprint” commercial." - Cliff H.

"Everyday sounds mean so much with my new hearing aids. I have a clock in my home that I never realized actually ticked. I never realized how much I was missing. Better Hearing Rocks! The staffs are miracle workers to me. They are just great. I am so happy with my new found ability to hear. It is Amazing!!" – Kathie L.

"I can't begin to express how pleased I am with the fact that I can hear again. My hearing aids have given me my life back. Thank you. 
- Terry W. P. S. Many thanks to the nice people at Better Hearing of Madison County. They are terrific."

Elizabeth W. of Oneida came to our Spring Hearing Event in April. Her hearing aids were 4 years old and she wanted to hear about the new technology. We fit her with demo aids and walked around the corner, down the hallway and asked her several questions. Elizabeth heard everything clearly and then decided to invest in upgrading to the new technology. A couple of weeks after they were delivered she attended an event in a large open room with live music. She called us to say,” I’m so excited! I was able to hear the band and have a conversation with my friends at the table.”  We recently spoke with her and the rave reviews continued. She said,” I can hear the people in the lobby talking. I have never been able to hear this clearly. I love my hearing aids.”