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Treating Hearing Loss Helps You Stay Socially Connected

Being socially disconnected from the world can have adverse effects on your health. Minimal interaction with people around you can affect your mental health, causing you to feel lonely and depressed. Likewise, when you’re experiencing hearing loss, it’s normal to step away from social situations to avoid the embarrassment of your hearing loss showing through. […]

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4 Tips for Selecting A Hearing Aid

If you’ve recently been to see your hearing instrument specialist (HIS), then you may have discovered that your hearing loss could be treated by using a hearing aid. Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, there are multiple options available that not only help you hear clearly, but can suit your preferences and lifestyle. […]

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Are Custom-Fit Musician Earplugs Worth the Cost?

As musicians, your hearing is your main priority of concern. You need them to be able to listen to the music around you, as well as what you’re playing too. If your hearing is damaged in any way, then it might be something that affects your performance but could also damage your chances of continuing […]

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How are Hearing Aids Programmed?

When receiving hearing aids for the first time, you’ll make decisions for a lot of things during the process. There are so many different styles and technology types available to suit everyone’s needs and preferences when it comes to bettering their hearing, from devices that sit inside the ear canal to those that sit behind […]

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What Are Hearing Aid Accessories?

When you’re diagnosed with hearing loss, your hearing aids will be a daily tool for you. They can greatly improve your quality of life and you will want to wear them all day, with the only exceptions being when you go to sleep and when you’re in the bathroom. Since you’re using them so regularly, […]

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Is Tinnitus a Permanent Condition or Can It Go Away in Time?

Tinnitus is the clinical term for when a person experience sounds that are not audible to anyone else. This sound might be in their ears, but it might also be in their head. For many people who experience tinnitus, the foremost question on their mind is whether it is a permanent condition or if it […]

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Why is a Hearing Test Important?

If you are experiencing any of the signs of hearing loss, then a hearing test is the most effective way to diagnose and start treating the condition. It helps you get a better understanding of your overall hearing range and choose the device that will best meet your needs. However, even if you aren’t experiencing […]