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Our team is growing and we are accepting new patients. We are also welcoming (or adopting) patients from practices that are no longer servicing hearing instruments or have limited hours or availability

About Us

Better Hearing of Madison County was established November 1987, taking the reins from former owner Judy McKinney, and opened its doors to serve you January 2, 1988. We are locally owned, and take pride in serving the residents of Madison and Oneida Counties. Since opening, our passion for providing the most advanced hearing technology and personalized hearing care has continued from the beginning. We are patient focused, which means that, together, we will find the best solution to your hearing needs. This journey requires the collaberation of our trained professionals and you to achieve a successful outcome.  

By building personal relationships with each patient, learning about your lifestyle, hobbies and family – in addition to your hearing health, we then can find the best way to see your hearing health improve and benefit your quality of life. We can do this because we have a wide range of the best hearing technology choices and state of the art equipment and using Best Practices to optimize each hearing aid fitting through verification. We then give you the exceptional, ongoing follow up care and training you need to make your hearing instruments successful for you. We do this because we know, as studies have shown, that hearing wellness is so important to your total life wellness. That is our number one goal, to keep our patients' quality of life the best possible! 

Our greatest desire is to provide you and your loved ones a superior experience when needing hearing health help. The education about whole life wellness, prevention and treatment of hearing difficulties, and care for your hearing devices is our vision.