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Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming

In order for a hearing aid fitting to be successful, the patient has to be comfortable with the device. The fitting is all about getting to know the advanced side of treatment. During the fitting, hearing professionals at Better Hearing of Madison County provide important information about device features. This eases users into learning about their hearing aids without overwhelming them with the technology.

Hearing aid fitting

The fitting is scheduled after hearing aids arrive from the manufacturer. With the initial programming set, the fitting serves as a way to fine-tune the settings and acclimate the user with the product. Every individual has different hearing qualities, so developing a unique sound profile during the fitting is important. A lot of information is exchanged during the meeting that may be overwhelming to new patients. Bringing someone along for emotional support is recommended since it can help ease the burden.

As the final step to getting a hearing device, there will be a lot of inquiries about care and maintenance. Hearing professionals are ready and willing to answer whatever questions necessary. Being comfortable with a new hearing device is just as important as understanding how it functions.

Live speech mapping

Accuracy is an important step in programming hearing aids. That is why live speech mapping is a revolutionary method to enhance hearing situations. With this technology, hearing specialists get visual indicators of what the patient hears in real-time. A few back-and-forth interactions helps to finalize the settings, while ironing out any problems with the sound profile.  

The setup requires a small microphone to be inserted into each ear. Adjustments are made in real-time until a comfortable setting is found. If a friend or family member is present, they can help with gauging the comfort of a normal conversation. Live speech mapping is a great tool for hearing professionals but also works as a great introduction to patients about the importance of sound recognition.

When live speech mapping is done correctly, it cuts down on needing to readjust hearing aid settings in a short period of time. This cuts down on a patient’s frustration while boosting their confidence level in daily activities.