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Our team is growing and we are accepting new patients. We are also welcoming (or adopting) patients from practices that are no longer servicing hearing instruments or have limited hours or availability

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Hearing Protection Advice for Musicians

The role of a musician is to have a finely tuned sense of hearing so they can understand the nuances in music, and one of the biggest issues many musicians have in a live setting is not protecting their hearing properly. Many famed musicians have spoken about their hearing loss, such as Pete Townshend from […]

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FAQs About Ear Protection

Unless you go off and live far away from civilization, there is no way to avoid noise completely. We are all subject to loud noises from time to time, whether it’s from our lawnmower, the equipment we use at work, or the gigs we attend to see our favorite musical artists perform. Noise is just […]

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Are Custom-Fit Musician Earplugs Worth the Cost?

As musicians, your hearing is your main priority of concern. You need them to be able to listen to the music around you, as well as what you’re playing too. If your hearing is damaged in any way, then it might be something that affects your performance but could also damage your chances of continuing […]