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young woman showing off her new blue hearing aids

How to Stay Active Without Damaging Your Hearing Aids

Do you want to maintain an active lifestyle? You’re not alone. A lot of people are keen to ensure that they remain fit, particularly as they age. If you use hearing aids, then you might think that they are going to stop you from keeping fit and staying active. However, this doesn’t have to be […]

woman wearing hearing aids

What Is It Really Like Using Hearing Aids?

Think about how much you enjoy listening to music. Think about the sounds of nature and the beauty in everyday life that you may take for granted as your ears work as they should. Now contemplate what it would be like if you couldn’t hear those things at all, or worse yet, if even the […]

a red behind-the-ear hearing aid

How Will Wearing Hearing Aids Change Your Life?

Wearing hearing aids is going to improve your life in a number of ways. If you are unsure whether you need to speak with a hearing instrument specialist or you are on the fence with regards to having hearing aids, it’s important to understand the benefits and improvements that you will very likely experience. While […]

happy woman collecting cabbages in her green garden

Summer Activities & Hearing Aid Care

The summertime, for many of us, is a wonderful time where the weather is good and lazy days spent at the beach or in the park or active days spent swimming in lakes and hiking up mountains, with good friends is what life is all about. But, if you wear a hearing aid, summer can […]

hand adjusting the controls of a hearing aid device

How to Use Your Hearing Aids Controls

Hearing aids are designed to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss. One essential feature of these little devices is the hearing control system. Sometimes, users can be at a loss on how to adjust the volume for better sound quality. Although a hearing instrument specialist (HIS) does the device programming from […]

a hearing specialist showing her patient a selection of hearing aids

4 Tips for Selecting A Hearing Aid

If you’ve recently been to see your hearing instrument specialist (HIS), then you may have discovered that your hearing loss could be treated by using a hearing aid. Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, there are multiple options available that not only help you hear clearly, but can suit your preferences and lifestyle. […]

a hearing aid held in a hand

How are Hearing Aids Programmed?

When receiving hearing aids for the first time, you’ll make decisions for a lot of things during the process. There are so many different styles and technology types available to suit everyone’s needs and preferences when it comes to bettering their hearing, from devices that sit inside the ear canal to those that sit behind […]

sets of different hearing aids on display

What Are Hearing Aid Accessories?

When you’re diagnosed with hearing loss, your hearing aids will be a daily tool for you. They can greatly improve your quality of life and you will want to wear them all day, with the only exceptions being when you go to sleep and when you’re in the bathroom. Since you’re using them so regularly, […]