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High-Frequency Hearing Loss: Know the Symptoms and Treatment

One of the common types of hearing loss is high-frequency hearing loss. High-frequency hearing loss is where hearing high-pitched noises are more difficult. Any age group can experience this type of hearing loss.  This type of hearing loss is caused by the small sensory hearing cells in the inner ear being damaged. Usually, when an […]

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Why Is a Regular Hearing Screening Important?

Your hearing is an important sense that your body relies on for a multitude of aspects of daily life, so taking adequate care of it is extremely important. It’s easy to skip these kinds of routine tests as life is busy and it can feel like there’s never enough hours in the day to get […]

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Signs You Should Get a Hearing Test

Is it usually the case of you making people repeat what they have said? Because the TV is so loud, do people say you should turn it down? Consider these signs that you might be having trouble hearing. You may be missing out on more than you know because of hearing loss. In situations where […]

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What Is It Really Like Using Hearing Aids?

Think about how much you enjoy listening to music. Think about the sounds of nature and the beauty in everyday life that you may take for granted as your ears work as they should. Now contemplate what it would be like if you couldn’t hear those things at all, or worse yet, if even the […]

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These Everyday Medications Can Cause Ringing in The Ears

If you have been experiencing ringing in the ears, it might be time to look at your medications. You may be surprised to realize that some of the everyday medications you use for pain relief and depression treatment side effects may contribute to ringing in the ears. The first move to finding out if you […]

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How Will Wearing Hearing Aids Change Your Life?

Wearing hearing aids is going to improve your life in a number of ways. If you are unsure whether you need to speak with a hearing instrument specialist or you are on the fence with regards to having hearing aids, it’s important to understand the benefits and improvements that you will very likely experience. While […]

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Can Hearing Loss Be Restored?

Hearing loss is something that impacts millions of people around the world. Hearing loss doesn’t just impact the individual’s ability to hear, but it can lead to a number of different issues, such as social and emotional issues. If you have experienced hearing loss or you think you are losing your hearing, you may wonder […]

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Hearing Protection Advice for Musicians

The role of a musician is to have a finely tuned sense of hearing so they can understand the nuances in music, and one of the biggest issues many musicians have in a live setting is not protecting their hearing properly. Many famed musicians have spoken about their hearing loss, such as Pete Townshend from […]

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Allergies and Hearing Loss

When you think about allergies, you probably think about runny noses, itchy eyes, hives, and stuff like that – you probably don’t think about ears at all, but hearing instrument specialists and other hearing health professionals do. Why? Because they know that it is possible for allergies, such as hay fever, to actually affect your […]

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FAQs About Ear Protection

Unless you go off and live far away from civilization, there is no way to avoid noise completely. We are all subject to loud noises from time to time, whether it’s from our lawnmower, the equipment we use at work, or the gigs we attend to see our favorite musical artists perform. Noise is just […]